Software for camera trap data management


camtrapR: an R package for efficient camera trap data management

To monitor biodiversity, camera traps are in large scale biologiacal field surveys. This produces extensive datasets with 100.000s and more images. Until recently no analytical tools have been available in R for camera trap data management.

Tha camtrapR package was developed at the Leibniz-IZW by Jürgen Niedballa and his colleagues and is available at the CRAN project website. camtrapR allows for streamlined and flexible camera trap data management and should be most useful to researchers and practitioners who regularly handle large amounts of camera trapping data. The functions provide extensive automation to minimize data entry mistakes and, apart from species and individual identification, require minimal manual user input. Input for occupancy and (spatial) capture–recapture analyses for density and abundance estimation is computed in a flexible and reproducible manner.

The camtrapR package is written in R language (free software for statistical computing) and freely available since 2015. It establishes a camera trap data management workflow in 23 different functions and allows for various survey designs. It allows processing of unlimited amounts of data, provides consistent data strucutre and automates creation of data input for subsequent analyses.

Since its publication it has been used by many academic institutions and conservation agencies worldwide.