Genome resource bank

The genome resource bank is a collection of over 3500 samples from over 500 wildlife species. Since 1998 it is being systematically expanded. The collection includes blood, gametes, embryos, testicular and ovarian tissues, and other body tissues from various wildlife species. Since the inception of the Felid Gamete Rescue Project in 2007 at the IZW, a collection of about 80 cryopreserved samples of spermatozoa, oocytes, embryos and testicular and ovarian tissues from 20 felid species have been compiled. The further development of cryo-conservation techniques and sample preservation using directional freezing or freeze-drying will be expanded in close cooperation with the international Frozen Ark consortium (, which coordinates worldwide efforts to collect and safeguard valuable genetic and genomic samples of wildlife. The collection is used as a reference in a number of different projects as well as to develop, improve and establish in vitro assisted reproductive techniques and to support breeding programmes in zoos. Within the framework of agreed cooperation, it may also be accessible to external researchers.

Selected publications

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