Dr. Alexandra Weyrich


Head of Wildlife Epigenetics

Department of Evolutionary Genetics


Tel: 0049 (0) 30 5168 - 313
Research interests

- Epigenetic mechanims and regulation of gene expression

- Epigenetics of social systems

- Environmental factors

- Thermoregulation

Selected publications


Guerrero TP,  Fickel J,  Benhaiem S, Weyrich  A (2020): Epigenomics and gene regulation in mammalian social systems. CURR ZOOL, 66, 307–319.
Wahedi A, Günther A, Weyrich A, Sondheimer N (2020): The mitochondrial genome of Cavia aperea, MITOCHOND DNA Part B, Resources, accepted.
Weyrich A,Yasar S, Lenz D, Fickel J (2020): Tissue‑specific epigenetic inheritance after paternal heat exposure in male wild guinea pigs. MAMM GENOME Epub ahead of print.
Al-khlifeh E, Balard A, Jarquín-Díaz VH, Weyrich A, Wibbelt G, Heitlinger E(2019): Eimeria falciformis BayerHaberkorn1970 and novel wild derived isolates from house mice: differences in parasite lifecycle, pathogenicity and host immune reactions. BioRxiv, pre-print.
Somerville V, Schwaiger M, Hirsch PE, Walser J-C, Bussmann K, Gebhardt I C, Weyrich A, Burkhardt-Holm P, Adrian-Kalchhauser I (2019): DNA methylation patterns in the round goby hypothalamus support an on-the-spot decision scenario for territorial behaviour. GENES- Special Issue on Epigenetics and Adaptation, GENES 10(3), 219
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Last updated on June, 3 2020.