Charity auction to save the Northern White Rhino
from extinction -

with presenter Nina Ruge and Andreas Knieriem, Director of Berlin Zoo

Thursday, 5th of October 2017, 4.00 p.m. Hotel Kempinski ADLON Berlin

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If you can not attand the auction, feel free to send a price offer for the painting to:
The highest offer will be the starting price at the offline auction at the Hotel Adlon. If there is no higher offer you will get this impressive painting. At the hotel there will be other things for auction besinde the oil painting, e.g. a 3D print of a rhino skull and the possibility to accompany our research team to an European Zoo and see how exciting reproduction management in rhinos is.


There will be a charity auction for species conservation organised by the Leibniz IZW, the Zoo Berlin and the Czech Dvůr Králové Zoo with the friendly support of the Hotel Kempinski Adlon Berlin. The goal is toprevent the extinction of the Northern White Rhinoceros. Worldwide there are only three individuals left.

The main items of the auction will be a 1,5 x 1,5 meter oil painting of the famous Hungarian artist Anton Molnár ( and a 3D-print of a rhinoceros skull by the Technical University Berlin. A scientific programme will be included. Take a chance in meeting real scientists.

The Northern White Rhino – Advanced Reproductive Technologies Provide a Realistic Chance for Saving the Critically Endangered Species




Dear All,

I was raised in Africa - my father was a university teacher in Zaire and Mali. For that reason I have a special attachment to the Black Continent and its wildlife. Six months ago I was called by my nephew - who is a wildlife filmmaker. He told that rhinos are in extreme danger and probably I could help to save them if I can donate a painting.  I immediately agreed. There are many sad things happening in the world. That is why, whenever we can, have to do good things. If I can, I donate. I help good projects. And this was an opportunity to do something for Mother Nature - our main source of inspiration.  To paint however, I needed a touch. I asked Thomas Hildebrandt to provide me images. And one of them caught my attention. There was something in the eye of Nabiré. I thought this is what I need. In this look, there is the whole story.

This is an exceptional image. It felt good to make it. Now I hope it will help the rhinos - these magnificent and ancient creatures - to stay with us. Thanks to you and all the people trying to save our natural heritage.

My warmest regards,



My biography can be found on my website,  however to give you a brief introduction, I was born inBudapest in 1957 and graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Hungary in 1986 with Masters qualifications in painting, anatomy and art history. My first artist appointment was as a graphic designer for the United Nations. I moved to France 

in 1988 and since then have exhibited numerous times each year internationally.
My classic technique reminiscent of Renaissance and Flemish masters is combined with a modern vision, to both portray and question the world of the 21st century through my personal vision, culture and emotions.
In the July 2007 auction at Mallet Japan Auction House, my piece Kelly in Fontainebleau was sold for 14,000,000 Yen, or 130,000 Euros. This was part of a collection with works by Picasso, Chagall, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Miro, Zao Wou- Ki and Jasper Jones among others.
My work is currently part of major collections in Asia, Europe and America. Notably, my work is part of the collection of business tycoon Mr Takeshi Sekiguchi, with the work Lajos Bacsi, Triptych are on display in his Honolulu restaurant ‘Vintage Cave’ alongside Picasso’s 18 piece series Les Deux Femmes. This restaurant received some attention when it was visited by Barack Obama and his family at the beginning of 2015.

In 2005, the LVMH Group (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) commissioned a sculpture-painting titled Big Spirits. It was unveiled in the Palace of Versaille by Mr Christophe Navarre, CEO of the wine and spirits division, Moët Hennessy.




2017    Exhibition Yang Gallery Beijing "Year of the Rooster" 2017 feb.-march.

2016    Exposition Gallery House of Art's West Palm Beach,Jupiter Florida 2016 December

2015    EXPOSITION SAN MARINO Palazzo S.U.M.S. 19.septembre - 22.novembre

2015    Exposition Pékin 2015 juni 14

2015    Chinese Exhibition Tour 6 -29 of June 2015 Chongqing-Pékin-Shanghai

2013    Exposition Adler Gallery Gstaad Suisse 2013 dec.29 - 2014 jan.30.

2013    Budapest Gefrodinspex Galeria

2012    Paris

2012    New York

2011    Budapest

2010    Copenhague

2009    Singapore

2009    Monaco

2008    London Opera Gallery

2007    Tokyo Galleria Prova





Written by Jan Stejskal


The rhino portrayed on the canvas is Nabiré, the last northern white rhino that lived in Europe. She was born on November 15, 1983 at the Dvůr Králové Zoo, the Czech Republic, as the first ever captive born northern white rhino female. She spent all her life in Dvůr Králové.
In the wild, the northern white rhinos (NWR) were poached to extinction. Their slaughter has been driven by the demand for their horn in some countries of East Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.

Thanks to 40 years of breeding efforts, the Dvůr Králové Zoo prolonged the very presence of NWR on this planet. The initial group was brought to Dvůr Králové Zoo in 1975 from southern parts of Sudan. The group consisted of two males and four females. One individual of the founding group is still alive – a male Sudan lives in Ol Pejeta in Kenya. In addition to him, there are two more northern white rhinos, females Nájin and Fatu, both of them born at the zoo in Dvůr Králové. Together with a male Sudan, they were translocated in 2009 to Kenya.

Nabiré was one of the animals that participated in Dvůr Králové Zoo efforts to breed these rare rhinos. Nabiré could not conceive naturally due to a large amount of cysts in her utero. Her left ovary, however, appeared to be healthy, so it was hoped she might become a donor of eggs for in vitro fertilization which could result in an artificially made embryo. Unfortunately, Nabiré deceased on July 27, 2015 due to a large pathological cyst that ruptured inside her body.

"Nabiré was the kindest rhino ever bred in our zoo. It is not just that we were very fond of her. Her death was a symbol of the catastrophic decline of rhinos due to a senseless human greed," said Přemysl Rabas, the director of the zoo at the time of her death.

Nabiré's potentially healthy ovary was immediately after the death removed and taken to a specialized laboratory Avantea in Italy. Tissue samples that could be used for scientific research and reproduction work were collected as well and they were successfully turned into stem cells. Later, a pulsing heart cell was produced from these stem cells. Although Nabiré is dead, her offspring still could be born using cutting edge scientific technologies of artificial reproduction.

The team from IZW Berlin with support from the Dvůr Králové Zoo and other partners currently aims at developing a robust protocol to optimize a procedure of harvesting and maturing rhinos' eggs, fertilization of the eggs and following embryo transfer to a southern white rhino females. When the process is standardized on these close relatives of northern white rhinos, the team will aim at harvesting eggs from the last northern white rhino females in Ol Pejeta, mature these eggs, fertilize them with northern white rhino semen, generate embryos on a large scale and cryo-preserve them or transfer them directly into a surrogate mother of a southern white rhino origin.

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