CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN "Book: Carnet de Conservation"

Emmanuelle, Chave, a french veterinarian, visited the Leibniz-IZW Cheetah Research project in Namibia and plans to publish her "Carnet de Conservation" (Conservation Diary): It is a travel diary that offers insight into the daily life of wildlife research in Namibia. We follow Rubén into the desert to study and capture cheetahs with the Cheetah Research Project, a project of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research.

At the crossroads of scientific research, conservation, and travel, this book is a tribute to the people who dedicate their lives to wildlife research. An adventure in watercolor paintings to describe the daily life in the field, the passion of wildlife and the desert beauty.

You can donate for the Crowd Funding Campaign here.



Leibniz-IZW Calendar 2019

Since 2016 the Leibniz-IZW provides the annual calendar for its cooperation partners and network to inform on our research activities, methods and special highlights. Every month in 2019 we provide additional information on our webpage for the first time.



Mind The Lab Berlin - Science in the subway

To connect science closer to people we bring it to where the people are - to the subway. Visit us and other research institutions on Nov 8th, 2018 in the subway stations of Berlin. Mind The Lab started in Athens, Greece and will take place in Berlin, Germany this year for the first time. This event is organized within the Berlin Science Week 2018.



Studying terrestrial mammals in tropical rainforests

The aim of this user’s guide is to provide practitioners step-by-step instructions for biodiversity assessment and monitoring of tropical forest mammals using camera-traps and e/iDNA.



The Hyena Project - Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Twenty years of research brought plenty of valuable insights into the secret life of free-ranging spotted hyenas in Tanzania. Among the carnivores the spotted hyena is one of the numerous species and important for the function and persistance of many african ecosystems.




Epigenetics - Bridge between genome and environment

The Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) has translated the results of its research into a comic. It tells a story about wild guinea pigs and teaches us that genes are not everything: environmental conditions and individual experiences can influence which passages of the genetic material are used. The Leibniz-IZW-comic "Epigenetics - bridge between genome and environment" is published by Jaja-Verlag.



The Magic Trick - the first book for children published by the IZW

Bono, Jinny and Otto live under the hot African sun. One morning, a stranger comes to the desert. The three friends follow him and find they have embarked on quite an adventure …
Read this exciting story through which we learn about oryx antelopes, life in the desert and how science works.



The Hose's Civet of Borneo

What is the Hose's civet and how can we save it from extinction? Learn more about one of the rarest civets in the world.